Unlimited Monthly Training – $200.00
Entitles you to turn up to every session that runs within your month of payment.


Emergency services/Military Discount – $175
Must be full-time in the Police, Ambulance, Army, Navy, or Air Force to get this special rate.


3 months upfront payment – $560.00


Joining Policy
After completing the Fundamentals course, the initial minimum term for membership is 3 months. After the initial 3 months, you may cancel your direct debit payments or continue on a month by month membership agreement.

Fundamentals Program (Group) – $100
Fundamentals Program (1 on 1) – $150
Two, 1 hour coaching sessions that are aimed at exposing new CrossFitters to the main fundamental movements of CrossFit. These sessions are compulsory to all people that are new to CrossFit. The sessions will give you the opportunity to learn the main movements in a small group setting, and are a great way get you prepared for the regular group sessions.
Go to How do I start for more details on different options and costs.


Visiting CrossFitter – $20 or purchase a T-shirt
This option is available to CrossFitters who are Visiting from another CrossFit Box and have already completed the foundational movements training.


Private Coaching
1 on 1 – 1 Hour = $75 – 45 mins = $60 – 30 mins = $50
1 on 2 – 1 Hour = $100 – 45 mins = $80
1 on 3 – 1 Hour = $120 – 45 mins = $90
1 on 4 – 1 Hour = $130

Session packages of 20 and 50 are available at a bulk discounted rate.

Corporate & Group pricing
5-9 = $25 per person
10-14 = $17.50 per person
15 or more = $15 per person


Senior Coach Rate: Adam Mackay

1 on 1 $90 per 1 hour


Payment Options
-    Direct Debit
-    Cash/Electronic Transfer (not preferred see below)


-    Special discounts apply for Military, Police & Emergency Services
-    For monthly members we prefer direct debit as we have found this to be the simplest method for both parties. Direct debits can be setup by filling out the appropriate form when you are next at training. You will need your BSB and account number. If you prefer to use
-    Electronic funds transfer please discuss with our management team first.

How do I start?

Step 1 is to register your interest using the How do I Start link on our website, or alternatively give us a call if you prefer.

Step 2 is once you have registered we will call you and discuss a time to book you in for your first Intro session. If you remember, please print and sign our waiver form.

Step 3 Complete the 2 fundamentals Classes.

If you are new to CrossFit, we will take it easy at the beginning and hold back the intensity until you get used to the training. Our experienced coaches will adapt the program to your individual circumstance, taking into account any injuries and your current level of conditioning. No excuses! Start today!

Step 4 Complete an ezydebit form to start your first monthly direct debit.

A credit card fee is an automatic fortnightly or monthly deduction from a credit card. A direct debit is an automatic fortnightly or monthly deduction from a nominated bank account. Both take place on either the 1st or the 15th of the month. Members pay pro-rata upon joining, and on the 1st or the 15th of the month thereafter.
The minimum term of credit card or direct debit is three (3) full credit card or direct debit payments. Any pro-rata payment or suspensions do not qualify as full payments. After the initial three (3) months, you may cancel the credit card or direct debit charge.

After the initial full three (3) months membership, you may cancel your membership. Cancellations must be in writing (email is acceptable) and received no later than two (2) WEEKS prior to the next scheduled payment.
If you cancel your membership with less than two weeks written notification, the cancellation will not be processed until the following month.

If term fees have been pre-paid and you suffer a permanent or long-term injury or incapacity that renders you unable to participate in Crossfit Richmond sessions for an extended period of time (greater than 3 weeks), then upon producing a medical certificate, Crossfit Richmond will refund to you the sessions you will be unable to use.
If you suffer an injury or incapacity of less than 3 weeks, your sessions will be held in credit until your return, and the minimum term adjusted accordingly.

You may suspend your Crossfit Richmond training sessions only in the event you will miss a minimum of two (2) weeks training. The suspension policy is for periods of time when you are going away or cannot attend sessions for any other reason.
You may suspend for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 2 months. You may not suspend more than 2 months per calendar year.
Suspensions must be notified two (2) weeks in advance in writing. Suspensions will not be granted retrospectively.
Please note that the training fees already take into account public holidays and the Xmas/Easter break when the gym is closed, but if your training is interrupted for an extended period outside these times we will gladly delay your direct debit payment until your return.